Saturday, October 3, 2009

too close to it

Part of me wanted to include this shot on my current website but then the other part of me said:
  • --You're only as good as your most current work.
  • --Maybe it's dated.
  • --The dresses should be tighter.
  • --But wait -- I styled the whole thing!
  • --I directed the make-up!
  • --This was one of my first tests! And I put this together on the cheap. Models, hair & make-up, accessories, returnable wardrobe from Bloomies -- everything -- FREE!
Yeah, but so what? Since when did sentimentality become a component of a sound photograph?

I asked my web designer for his input -- gave him the disclaimer that I knew it didn't really fit with the other work and he came back to say, "as far as the 80s shot ...". Right then and there I knew I was TOO CLOSE TO IT. "
The 80s shot."

Lesson Learned: Sometimes a photographer is too close to their work to be a good editor.

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fatova mingus said...

I'm glad you posted this. If we forget, we are doomed to repeat it.