Friday, August 31, 2012

Nick Knight

Nick Knight even makes a cup of coffee look sensual and fashionable.  The steam is akin to the haute couture dresses in motion, or the bountiful roses that he photographs routinely and sends out as cards to his friends.   Click here for an interview with Nick Knight conducted by Nigel Barker - it serves as a comprehensive bio, too.  And, click here for ShowStudio, "an award-winning fashion website founded and directed by Nick Knight".

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pep Bonet

In 2005, Pep Bonet won the W. Eugene Smith Humanistic Grant in Photography.  He has won numerous other awards, too, and is a most prolific photographer - click on his name above to view his website where you will see the extensive amount of important and powerful work he has produced.  Much of the work I am showing here is from his series entitled, "Faith in Chaos" which he shot in Sierra Leone and which won him the W. Eugene Smith grant.  I encourage you to read the artist's statement on that series by clicking on the link above which I'll provide again since it is something I really hope you'll read:  "Faith in Chaos".  I have also included some images from his exhibition, "Watching in Silence" and a few other random images from other series.  Most of Pep Bonet's work centers on human rights, social issues such as HIV/Aids, and the cruel aftermath of war along with the spirit to overcome it.