Friday, August 28, 2009


Just as genes are not jeans, so too was Claude Lévi-Strauss of no relation to Levi Strauss. The Associated Press just reported that Claude Lévi-Strauss died at age 100. Age 100 seems somehow fitting and symbolic.

In reading about his contributions to anthropology, I am reminded of Edward Steichen's Family of Man exhibition.

And that, in turn, brings me to reflect on the 2008 competition of Fresh M.I.L.K. Photography which celebrates "friendship, family, love & laughter". You could say I'm employing a sort of "structure of kinship" in that Fresh M.I.L.K. is a sort of modern day version, albeit a distant relation, of Family of Man. Both themes depict the human condition, development and relationships, living and dying, social structures and anti-social behaviors.

And like Steichen as curator of Family of Man, the grand prize winning photograph for M.I.L.K. was selected by one of the greats, Magnum photographer, Elliott Erwitt.

Wow, I think this post indicates that I'm link happy today.

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© Victoria Vaisvilaite Skirutiene
Fresh M.I.L.K. Grand Prize Winner

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