Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tim Flach

For fine art enthusiasts and animal aficionados alike, Tim Flach's work appeals on many levels -- from the purely aesthetic to the compassionate reaction evoked by man's best friend, the canine companion. Flach's website is one of those sites that is not only about self promotion; to watch the portfolio slide show is to, piece by piece, one at a time, take in an art exhibit the way art is meant to be viewed -- with pause and deliberation. I can safely add that each piece is worthy of that contemplation.

PhotoShelter did an interview with Flach regarding his work and specifically, Equus, his book on horses and all beings related. I've included a sampling of some of his work here but I encourage you to visit his site since, for instance, I was unable to include imagery from his dog series in this post (but for the very top image of a Puli) and I wish I could have for it is beyond compelling. The jellyfish series may as well be elegant paint daubs and splatterings on canvas, and the framing of bats ... well, never in a million years would I have believed a bat to be exquisite or ethereal.

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