Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday News

While this is not related to photography, it is related to art, the subject of copyright, and the current holiday season. To familiarize yourself with Jeff Koons and his iconic balloon dog, here it is:
And, here is an interesting article which illuminates the hypocrisy regarding the artist defending copyright and then infringing on it in another instance (though the court found him not guilty of misappropriation). Inflated Ego? Jeff Koons Claims Exclusive Right to Sell Balloon Dogs

The article spells things out pretty clearly.

I happen to love the Jeff Koons balloon dogs and do think of him now rather than a circus clown blowing up balloons. When you think of it, balloon dogs are public domain, whereas making them into sculptures would be copyrighted art.

For what it's worth, Jeff Koons has designed balloon dog Christmas ornaments ... but, just don't think to buy balloon dog bookends! (Read the story.)

Here is an outlawed balloon dog:

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