Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pep Bonet

In 2005, Pep Bonet won the W. Eugene Smith Humanistic Grant in Photography.  He has won numerous other awards, too, and is a most prolific photographer - click on his name above to view his website where you will see the extensive amount of important and powerful work he has produced.  Much of the work I am showing here is from his series entitled, "Faith in Chaos" which he shot in Sierra Leone and which won him the W. Eugene Smith grant.  I encourage you to read the artist's statement on that series by clicking on the link above which I'll provide again since it is something I really hope you'll read:  "Faith in Chaos".  I have also included some images from his exhibition, "Watching in Silence" and a few other random images from other series.  Most of Pep Bonet's work centers on human rights, social issues such as HIV/Aids, and the cruel aftermath of war along with the spirit to overcome it.

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