Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arthur Leipzig

Subway Sleepers, 1950

Subway, Wall Street, 1949

The two photographs above, Subway Sleepers and Wall Street Subway, remind me of the way that Jacques Lartigue saw the world.  (See my post on Lartigue.)  It is from a similar perspective -- that of a child looking up and upon. Although the next few images depict childhood games, they employ a different perspective -- I don't get that they are from the eyes of a child but instead, an adult looking in on these activities as if desiring to be a child again.

The last two shots, Ideal Laundry and the Brooklyn Bridge, are yet again with the innocence of witnessing something from the uncorrupted mind. This all is the work of Arthur Leipzig.

Red Rover, 1953

King of the Hill, 1943

Dodge Ball, 1950

Chalk Games, 1950

East River Divers, 1948

Ideal Laundry, 1946

Brooklyn Bridge, 1946

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