Friday, April 9, 2010

The Pirelli Calendar

The coveted Pirelli calendar has it's match! Well, almost. I know that is hard to believe, but for every Yin there is a yang. But, first ........

For those unfamiliar with the Pirelli calendar, it is a promotional calendar for the Pirelli Tire company and it is given to a limited number of special clients and as a corporate gift. It is not sold retail. Highly touted photographers are commissioned to produce the imagery that graces the pages and consistently, the theme celebrates feminine beauty.

The entire premise, in my opinion, honors and elevates the classic and iconic garage mechanic's "hot chick on motorbike" calendars. While those are campy, they still have merit -- they're just hidden from the customer's glare. Of course, the Pirelli calendar employs more than titillation -- the depictions contain a sophisticated fashion edge packaged in an artful delivery.

An excellent reference for the calendars is found here -- this chart shows the year of the calendar, the photographer commissioned, the models featured, and the location. I encourage you to peruse this chart and look up the photographers.

And, while the Pirelli calendar doesn't disappoint, its counterpart attempts a likewise outcome but utilizes male beauty instead. The Dieux du Stade is the French Rugby team and they now put out a calendar that uses a similar marketing approach and plays on a similar aesthetic consideration. I'm not sure it ranks up there with Pirelli, but it is notable.

While the Pirelli calendar is for the guys, the Dieux du Stade is apparently also for the guys. : )

Dieux du Stade Calendar Imagery:

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